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The power of social media:
Content & ads

In today’s digital era, social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. According to the ARD ZDF Online Study 2022, almost two thirds of the German population aged 14 and over use Instagram and/or Facebook at least once a week. In the target group of 14-29-year-olds, the figure is a whopping 96%. Users follow their friends, join themed groups to exchange ideas and find out about products, services and potential employers.

It is therefore no surprise that companies are increasingly turning to social media to increase their reach, effectively address their target groups, build trust and retain customers.

On their company pages or profiles, they share content in the form of text, images, videos and links to inform, entertain and engage their target groups. After all, social media thrives on interaction.

The "big five" for a professional social media presence

1. strategy + target group analysis:
Derive the type of content from your communication goals and values. What do you want to convey? You should also know and understand your target groups precisely. This is the only way you can create content that is tailored to their needs and interests.

2. consistent brand identity:
Consistent branding, including logo, color palette and language style, help build brand identity and be recognizable. Think of your profile as a shop window: Visitors will only stop if something appeals to them.

3. high quality content:
Make sure to create high quality content that adds value, is relevant, informative and entertaining.

4. engagement and interaction:
Be active and interact with your target groups, reply to comments and messages and encourage discussions. This will strengthen your bond with the community.

4. engagement and interaction:
Be active and interact with your target groups, reply to comments and messages and encourage discussions. This will strengthen your bond with the community.

A well thought-out strategy and consistent implementation will allow your profile to grow organically without an additional advertising budget. The number of followers will increase, the reach outside your own community will grow and you will achieve greater visibility. Don’t forget: social media is not a sprint, but a marathon. Organic growth takes time and commitment, but can lead to an engaged community and a loyal following in the long term.

Is the whole thing not going fast enough for you? Do you want to reach selective target groups that meet certain criteria? Then the strategic use of social ads can be a valuable tool:

Social ads are paid advertisements that are displayed to a previously defined target group. The algorithm analyzes the interests, demographic information and user behavior of the user. It uses this data to determine whether the ad is relevant to them. Only then does it display the ad to the user.

What goals can be achieved with social ads?

1. increase reach
Targeting allows you to reach your target groups effectively and minimize wastage.

2. increase website traffic
You can use ads to drive targeted traffic to your website or landing pages and convert potential customers into leads or buyers.

3. lead generation
Social media ads offer an effective way to generate qualified leads. Use ads to encourage prospects to leave their contact details or sign up for more information. These leads can then be converted into sales opportunities.

4. increase in sales
Social media ads can contribute directly to sales growth by targeting specific products or services to drive sales. With targeted targeting and the ability to include call-to-action buttons in ads, you can drive customers directly to purchase.

The campaign planning and approach depend on your objectives and budget. Going into detail here is beyond the scope of this blog post.

But we have three tips for you:

1. use Pixel and Conversion API.
This enables the algorithm to continually optimize the campaign, to form statistical twins from the group of people who react to your ad and to address them. We are talking about lookalikes.

2. moving images beat pictures.
That’s why we use videos! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a movie or a series of images that become a video. Bear in mind that many users watch videos without sound. Use the subtitle function, otherwise your message cannot be conveyed.

3. work with “social handshakes”.
In other words, let other brands recommend you by posting your product or service in their feed and placing an ad in their own name. The trust that already exists in the sender brand can have a positive effect on trust in your brand or company through this recommendation.

We are open to your questions, for cooperation or an exchange. Please give us a call and we will arrange an appointment to delve deeper into the topic.