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Audio Marketing

Audio activated - and pays off

Audio advertising stands for campaigns that can be implemented quickly, have a wide reach and attract attention.


Today, audio advertising is more than just advertising on the radio – digitalization has created new touchpoints: Web radio, online audio, streaming platforms such as Spotify, podcasts, homespeakers, smartphones or tablets.


Audio campaigns are ideal for local, regional and national sales campaigns.

Push web traffic and sales with audio

Hardly any other medium is more activating than radio advertising and often provides the decisive final impulse to trigger purchases or responses

The audio environment offers ideal conditions for mail order and e-commerce companies, as advertising is not only cost-effective, but can also be targeted thanks to modern targeting applications. At the same time, audio advertising is trackable and scalable.

Strategy planning analysis

Our all-round carefree package

Media!House direct supports you in all facets of your audio marketing.


Based on your media strategy, we develop a comprehensive audio plan that enables you to reach your target group via established channels such as FM radio, but also via new touchpoints such as streaming platforms or podcasts.


If you wish: We will be happy to support you with the conception and production of all necessary audio advertising media.

Ongoing analysis and optimization

Hardly any other medium is so suitable for testing: starting at local level, we optimize your radio advertising through to national playout.


Targeted tracking and innovative tracking methods allow us to check the direct response to your website, for example, so that optimization can take place during the ongoing campaign.

Success factors

First locally - then regionally and nationally

Expand your media mix with radio and audio marketing with Media!House direct:

We consult you free of charge and without obligation

Successful audio marketing: local, regional, national!

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