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Email marketing

Generate new customers through email advertising

Email marketing has become indispensable for a targeted customer approach and stable customer loyalty. Whether as a standalone email or newsletter integration, you can reach new customers quickly and at low cost.

High reach and quick to implement

Email is one of the most popular advertising tools because you can achieve a large reach quickly and effectively. This flexibility allows for short-term A/B testing and high scalability.

Generieren Sie gemeinsam mit Media!House direct neue Kunden im E-Mail-Marketing!
Media!House direct bietet Ihnen im E-Mail-Marketing Jahrelange Erfahrungswerte und einen Marktüberblick

Standalone email campaigns

Years of experience and market overview

Media!House direct has been advising and supporting clients in email marketing since 2004. We plan your email campaign objectively based on many years of expertise in target group affinity and response strength of the individual advertising media. this is based on our comprehensive and up-to-date market overview and the know-how from many successful campaigns.

Success through analysis and optimisation

Real-time monitoring of the campaign enables optimisation during the campaign. For example, time-delayed retargeting emails to campaign openers, support the success of the campaign.

Success factors

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