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Campaign planning

In 6 steps to success

The basis for every successful new customer acquisition is consistent campaign planning. Media!House direct guides you to success in 6 steps.

Campaign goal and target group

The basis is a clear definition of your campaign goal: Should new customers be generated directly? Or do you want to increase your newsletter distribution list? – Define your concrete goals together with us at the beginning of the planning.



In the second step, it is important to identify your target group. Sociodemographic and psychographic characteristics as well as the behavior of your target group are important for the further planning of your campaign. Especially for the selection of advertising channels.

In der Kampagnen-Planung bietet Media!House direct online, offline und crossmediale Werbekanäle.

Media planning and test matrix

Offline or online? Or 360° marketing

The third step is to find a media mix optimized for your goals and target group. We recommend the appropriate advertising channels, select the relevant advertising media segments, and recommend the most responsive advertising media.


Whether cross-media, only offline or only online – benefit from our more than 20 years of response experience in all advertising channels!

Optimal budget allocation

It often makes sense to start with a test campaign in order to check key success parameters. In the fourth step, we therefore develop a meaningful test matrix that includes, in particular, offer tests, price tests, creative tests, and concept tests. Based on these results, we can then make optimal use of your budget in the full run. 

After the campaign is before the campaign

Selection of advertising media

The use of the right advertising media is also essential for the success of a campaign. Ads or inserts, postal mailings or direct mail, stand-alone email or social media posts – in the fifth step, we also recommend the optimal use of advertising media for your campaign.


For us, campaign planning also includes a responsefore-cast for the individual advertising channels and media. Benefit from our more than 20 years of response experience in all advertising channels! In the sixth step, we can optimize your campaign for your CpX even before the launch and thus ensure the greatest possible success.

Für Media!House direct ist bei der Kampagnen-Planung die Auswahl der Werbemittel und ein Responseforecast entscheidend.

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