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TV pushes sales in all channels

As a mass medium with a high reach, TV is suitable for triggering an enormous push on your responses and sales.


You have a product – we bring it on air!


If you want to advertise a product that requires little explanation, shorter DRTV spots (e.g. 30-second spots) with high frequency are particularly suitable. If, on the other hand, your product requires explanation, you should rely on long formats of 90 seconds or more and place your TV campaign in selected home shopping environments.

Call-to-action for direct product sales or website visits

The aim of every DRTV spot is to trigger a reaction in the viewer. To do this, the viewer must be specifically addressed by means of an integrated call-to-action element such as URL or hotline in order to become active.


TV also generates a push to your digital channels and extends the time spent there: interested viewers reach for their mobile phones or laptops and find out more about your products on your website.

DRTV ist als Massenmedium dazu geeignet einen enormen Push auf ihre Responses und Sales auszulösen
Media!House direct unterstützt Sie bei jedem Schritt Ihrer DRTV-Kampagne

From strategy to success reporting

Our full service package

Media!House direct supports you through every step of your DRTV campaign.


Based on the appropriate media strategy for your product, we develop a media plan for the test phase. In particular, we focus on the selection of high-performance TV stations with a mix of free TV and pay TV with many spots at a low CPM. In media buying, you benefit from our contacts and conditions.


You don’t have a DRTV spot yet? – No problem: We support you in the conception up to the finished spot!

Evaluation, optimisation and scaling

We analyse your DRTV campaign on an individual spot basis in order to optimise broadcast times, broadcast environments and the channel mix. The aim is to be able to play your spot successively on larger and therefore more expensive stations in order to maximise your responses and sales.

Success factors

Test – learn - grow

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