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All together

Finally, the time had come again. Our entire team set off on a trip. Our first agency outing in three years. 


We spent two days in Münster and experienced a lot together. The social programme that our organising team put together ranged from a guided tour of the city with a night watchman to a visit to the Sasse distillery and the GOP.

And the culinary side of it all was first class! Our thanks go to Sarah and Sabrina at this point: You gave everything and it was worth it. 


What makes us especially happy: 


We felt and experienced ourselves as a real team – and totally enjoyed being together with lots of fun. In the last two years we have gained some new young colleagues who have taken up their jobs under Corona conditions. Shared lunch breaks, getting together in larger groups, nice chats face to face: none of that. We made up for all that in Münster.


It was great to chat together again as a team in a relaxed atmosphere, to exchange ideas and to celebrate together.