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Economic acquisition of new customers with printed advertising materials

Today, print advertising media are more convincing than ever as high-response and thus economical responsechannels within the framework of new customer measures. We advise you on how you can best achieve your goals using advertisements, inserts and other ad specials such as pastcard staples or postal mailings.

Regional, national, international

All print-marketing advertising media can also be used in a spatially selective manner as part of your geo, branch or regional marketing.

Our home market is Germany – but our team is also at home in many international markets, especially in Europe and North America.

Media!House direct steht im Print-Marketing für umfassendes Knowhow, hohe Beratungs- und Planungsstandards und Unabhängigkeit von großen Netzwerken oder Anbietern.

B2C and B2B

Consulting quality and independence

Thanks to our network in the publishing and mail-order sector, which has grown over decades, we plan both your end-customer and your corporate customer campaigns for specific target groups. Based on our overall market overview across all media genres.

Media!House direct stands for comprehensive know-how, high consulting and planning standards, and independence from large networks or providers.

Crossmedia extension and editorial support

If possible and economically viable, we extend your B2C or B2B campaign cross-media. In close coordination with our online team, we recommend the optimal extension of your print campaign in affine online channels.

In addition, we offer you the option of editorial support for your campaign in the appropriate print media. In close coordination with our colleagues at dialogisch communication agency, we also create all necessary press information (press kit, press releases).

Success factors

Experience, competence and transparency

Print-marketing at Media!House direct guarantees you:
Print-Marketing bei Media!House direct über zeugt mit Erfahrung, Kompetenz und Transparenz

We advise you free of charge and without obligation

Successful print-marketing in B2C and B2B, nationally and internationally!

Have you become curious? – Then get in touch with us now! We look forward to the dialogue with you.

Wolfgang Thiele