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General Data Protection Regulation - dry, but incredibly important


GDPR – dry, but incredibly important

You certainly know it yourself from practical experience and know that the GDPR does not enjoy great popularity. “When processing personal data…,” this half-sentence alone raises many people’s blood pressure. Not for us! Certainly, the topic of data protection has its pitfalls, makes the workflow really uncomfortable in parts, but we as an agency are committed to working in a data protection-compliant manner.


Recently, the time had come again: the entire agency team underwent digital data protection training with our external data protection officer Stefan Kröger. What did they talk about? A big block was the topic of encrypting data and how best to protect yourself from a data protection incident occurring. We learned in which respects employees are liable and what needs to be considered in the area of home offices and mobile work. In addition, it was important to refresh old content, because some things are forgotten in the course of a year. And experience shows that it is always worthwhile to briefly touch on some things again. A fresh update and an open question and answer session rounded off the training.


With this, each of us is once again sensitised to the topic of data protection and security.

We would say: we are fit in terms of the GDPR and its implementation.