Dual study - not just something for large companies - Media!House direct

Dual study - not just something for large companies

As a small company, Media!House direct relies on dual students

Dual studies, the combination of in-company and academic training, continue to gain ground. The direct marketing agency Media!House direct is keeping up with the times and this year is expanding its in-house training programme to include the dual course of study “Marketing Management”. At this point, the agency is cooperating with the IUBH-International University of Applied Sciences Dual Study Münster.

“In many people’s minds, this training path is reserved for large companies where the career ladder offers students a wide range of opportunities,” says trainer Sarah Röttger. “As a small company, we also want to enable career starters to follow the path of academic training.”

Media!House direct has been training people to become marketing communications clerks since 2005. This year, another apprentice will start in August and will take her final examination for “Businesswoman for Marketing Communication” before the IHK this year 2022. At the same time, a dual student will begin her training in the company in October. Over the next 3.5 years, she will be taught the contents of the company’s training programme at the agency. The academic training will be provided by the iubh. Sarah Röttger emphasises: “The training of young people in our region is of heartfelt importance to us. We are pleased to cooperate with IUBH and have the opportunity to offer young people two different ways to start their careers.”

From left to right: Managing Director Michael Kuhlmeyer, trainer Sarah Röttger, Managing Director Detlef Bopp, student Julia Schwab, student advisor from IUBH Julia Drobny and Duc Viet Vo Van.